How to Contact Lexi Underwood: Phone Number, Email Address, Fan Mail Address, and Autograph Request Address

Lexi Underwood

Lexi Underwood: 9 Ways to Contact Them (Phone Number, Email, House address, Social media profiles)

Lexi Underwood: Ways to Contact or Text Lexi Underwood (Phone Number, Email, Fanmail address, Social profiles) in 2023- Are you looking for Lexi Underwood 2023 Contact details like her Phone number, Email Id, WhatsApp number, or Social media account information that you have reached on the perfect page.

We are attempting to answer many of the most frequently asked questions by Lexi Underwood fans, and a large percentage of them are related to contact information. There is a lot of information about Lexi Underwood’s Fan Mail Address, Autograph Request Address, Phone Number, Email Address, and more details that you can learn about in the following sections of this article.

Lexi Underwood Biography and Career:

The young American singer and actress Lexi Underwood, who is just 18 years old, got her start in the performing arts by working in theater. Lexi portrayed the character of Darius King’s daughter Kira King in the new musical drama “Sneakerella,” which debuted on Disney Plus in 2022. In the show, EL loved Kira King, Darius King’s daughter, and EL chose to become a sneaker designer because of her. Her fame reached new heights due to her involvement in the show. The 28th of August 2003 was the day Lexi was born in the United States.

Lexi Underwood phone number
Lexi Underwood phone number

After the premiere of “Sneakerella” on May 13, she received much acclaim for her performance with Chosen Jacobs. Several critics gave her performance a perfect five stars out of a possible five for her acting, which is the highest rating imaginable. Her drama skills have been honed to a high level since she has worked on a great variety of productions over the years, including “Code Black,” “Will vs. The Future,” “The Good Doctor,” and “Acting for a Cause,” amongst a great many others. This has given her the experience to hone and perfect her acting talents.

On August 28, 2003, Lexi Underwood was born at her father’s home, Alex Underwood, in Cheverly, Maryland, in the United States. She is now 18 years old. During that time, her mother’s name was Stephanie Black. While Lexi was still in elementary school, she consciously pursued her interest in acting by signing up for classes at Ford’s Theatre. When she had the chance to perform in the play “A Christmas Carol” in 2013, she was just 10 years old. She has never been given the chance to do a live performance in front of an audience.

Her journey toward a career in acting was going swimmingly until she reached the point when she achieved a professional plateau that precluded her from making any further progress in her acting career. When Lexi had given up any chance of winning, her mother, Stephanie urged her to give the game one more shot even though she had already given up. Then, Underwood’s lifetime opportunity presented itself, and she was selected to play a younger version of Nala in Disney’s production of “The Lion King.” She eventually became an actress and went on to work in several theaters around the United States.

The stage and screen actress debuted in Disney’s national tour production of The Lion King, where she played the role of Young Nala. She has now achieved great success in her work in both of these platforms. After that, she joined the cast of the Broadway adaption, and then she went on to launch a career in the film and television business, playing parts in shows such as Henry Danger, Code Black, and Person of Interest. Ahead of Their Time, She began her training as a performer at a young age, starting with ballet lessons at the age of four and acting classes not long after that. She started her profession as a performer at a young age. A few random facts In 2016, she appeared on FTS Kids News playing the part of a little girl reporting from the red carpet.

In the Disney movie Sneakerella, in which she plays the part of Kira King, she also acts with Chosen Jacobs and Devyn Nekoda. Devyn Nekoda plays the role of Cinderella. She also portrays Malia Obama in the Showtime series “The First Lady,” in which she also stars. She feels a lot of appreciation for her family since they have encouraged her to follow her ambitions and have allowed her to pursue her love; yet, she is also aware that acting is not a profession that is suitable for young people to follow at this time in their lives. She knows that it is designed for adults and may be challenging for children. Still, she is well taken care of by her parents, who have given her every opportunity to live as normally as is humanly possible, although it is meant for adults and may be challenging for children.

She has perfected the ability to rise above competitive situations. She spent a significant amount of her time and energy to it when she was a young kid. Being successful as a sole proprietor is challenging, especially in the present environment. However, she has realized that acting in this manner is not only pointless but also contributes to worsening her feelings of sadness and isolation. The passage of time brought forth this insight I had previously been unaware of. Someone else is the one who stole from her; she has no connection to the crime in any manner.

The significance of having a family She spent her upbringing in Washington, District of Columbia, and has since worked in New York and Los Angeles. Her childhood was spent in Washington, District of Columbia. Her parents have kept a close eye on her activity across a variety of social media sites ever since she was a little kid. When she appeared in an episode of Henry Danger as a guest star, she co-starred with Sean Ryan Fox and Ella Anderson, amongst other notable actors. She first appeared in a film when she was just 10 years old. When she landed her first role in a movie, she was only eleven years old.

On top of that, it was a pretty large object. She was allowed to put on a live performance at the illustrious Ford’s Theater in Washington, District of Columbia, which is without a doubt one of the most well-known theaters in the whole world. In November 2013, she was a member of the production of “A Christmas Carol.”

After giving a stellar performance as Nala, Lexi pleaded with her parents to fly her to Los Angeles to audition for acting parts and see if she could make a name for herself. As a result, Mr. and Mrs. Underwood uprooted their whole family and moved to Los Angeles, which is also the city in which their son launched his acting career. She gave the part a number of auditions before finally having the chance to play it in the year 2014. She was cast in two different productions, the first of which was the film “Dance-Off,” and the second was the television show “Person of Interest.” Both of these parts were in independent projects.

It was sufficient for her to exhibit her value even if the only parts she was given to demonstrate her worth were supporting roles in her debut performance and film. During the calendar year 2017, Underwood had a hand in the development of seven different works, including “The David S. Pumpkins Halloween Special,” “Will vs. The Future,” “Raven’s Home,” “The Nerd Posse,” and “And Henry Danger.” In addition, she has appeared as a special guest on many different shows and events, some of which include “Access Hollywood,” “Teens Wanna Know,” and “FTS Kids News.” The works “Cruel Summer,” “Just Beyond,” “Acting for a Cause,” “Little Fires Everywhere,” “Criminal Minds,” “The Good Doctor,” “Hairytales: Zel,” and “Dirt” are just a few of the well-known works in which Lexi has featured.

The fact that the actress Lexi, who is 4 feet 11 inches tall and has a height of 325 inches, has 325 thousand followers on Instagram demonstrates her huge popularity among young people. She is highly active on social media, but her platform of choice, Instagram, is where she spends most of her time. If you are interested in receiving the most up-to-date information on Lexi’s personal life and upcoming projects, we strongly suggest that you follow Lexi on Instagram.

Because of the nature of Underwood’s job, she often engages in conversation with a diverse range of people from all walks of life. Among these people, some younger people are around her age. On the other hand, not even the tiniest whisper of a love relationship between her and another person has been brought to our knowledge by anybody. Because she is focused on elevating her professional status, she does not participate in love relationships. This is the primary reason why she does not date.

Autograph Request Address of Lexi Underwood

Requesting a signature from Lexi Underwood is becoming one of the most popular choices for fans who are hectic and locked in their daily normal routines. If you want Lexi Underwood’s signature, you may write her an autograph request letter and mail it to her office address.

Autograph Request Address:

If you anticipate a speedy answer, include a self-addressed, sealed envelope. Include a photo of Lexi Underwood in your autograph request letter if you want a signature on her photo. A response from a celebrity’s office usually takes a couple of weeks, so be patient.

Lexi Underwood Profile-

  1. Full Name– Lexi Underwood
  2. Birth Sign- Virgo
  3. Date of Birth– 28 August 2003
  4. State and Country of Birth– Cheverly, Maryland, United States
  5. Age – 19 years
  6. Parents– Father: NA, Mother: NA
  7. Cousins– NA
  8. Height– 1.5 m
  9. Occupation– Actress

Lexi Underwood Phone Number, Email, Contact Information, House Address, and Social Profiles:

Ways to Contact Lexi Underwood:

1. Facebook Page:

Lexi Underwood has a Facebook account where he publishes her pictures and videos. The above-mentioned URL will take you to her profile. It has been verified, and we can certify that it is a 100% accurate profile of Lexi Underwood. You may contact her on Fb, which you can find by clicking the link here.

2. YouTube Channel:

Lexi Underwood has her own channel on youtube, where She uploaded her videos for her followers to watch. She has also earned a million subscribers and thousands of views. Anyone interested in seeing her uploads and videos may utilize the account URL provided above.

3. Instagram Profile:

Lexi Underwood even has an Instagram account, in which she has over a thousand followers and gets over 100k likes per posting. If you would like to view her most recent Instagram pics, click on the link above.

4. Twitter:

As of yet, Lexi Underwood has gained a large number of followers on her Twitter account. Click on the link above if you’re willing to tweet it. The link above is the only way to get in touch with her on Twitter.

5. Phone number: +1(843)891-6373

Lexi Underwood’s many phone numbers have been released on Google and the internet, but none of them truly function. However, we’ll let you know as soon as we’ve located an exact number.

6. Fan Mail Address:

Lexi Underwood
Amsel, Eisenstadt & Frazier & Hinojosa Talent Agency
5055 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 865
Los Angeles, CA 90036

7. Email id: NA

8. Website URL: NA

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