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Michael Smerconish

Michael Smerconish: 9 Ways to Contact Them (Phone Number, Email, House address, Social media profiles)

Michael Smerconish: Ways to Contact or Text Michael Smerconish (Phone Number, Email, Fanmail address, Social profiles) in 2023- Are you looking for Michael Smerconish 2023 Contact details like his Phone number, Email Id, WhatsApp number, or Social media account information that you have reached on the perfect page.

We are attempting to answer many of the most frequently asked questions by Michael Smerconish fans, and a large percentage of them are related to contact information. There is a lot of information about Michael Smerconish’s Fan Mail Address, Autograph Request Address, Phone Number, Email Address, and more details that you can learn about in the following sections of this article.

Michael Smerconish Biography and Career:

Michael Andrew Smerconish is a radio host and television presenter in the United States of America. He is also a political commentator, newspaper columnist, author, and lawyer. The Michael Smerconish Program may be heard on SiriusXM’s POTUS Channel, weekdays at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time, and he is the host of the CNN and CNN International program Smerconish, which airs on Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. ET. He writes a column for The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Sunday edition. Smerconish is the author of seven books, six of which are non-fiction and one work of fiction. In addition, he is of counsel to the legal firm of Kline & Specter in Philadelphia. Smerconish was raised in a home that adhered to the Republican party’s ideology. When Smerconish was in his early teens, he began exchanging letters with Frank L. Rizzo, who served as the Democratic mayor of Philadelphia at the time.

Michael Smerconish phone number
Michael Smerconish phone number

The two were destined to eventually cross paths and develop a close bond. But Smerconish’s entry into politics didn’t begin until the spring of 1980 when his father ran in a Republican primary election for a seat in the Pennsylvania state assembly but was ultimately unsuccessful. During the same year that Smerconish was a senior in high school and registering to vote for the first time, he worked countless hours for his father’s political campaign. Smerconish was enamored with Republican Party politics, having met Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush in the lead-up to the Pennsylvania Primary. This was even though Smerconish’s father had lost the election. On October 19, 2008, Smerconish made public his break with the Republican Party and endorsed Barack Obama for the presidency after having supported only Republican presidential candidates for the previous three decades.

In a 2,000-word post for Salon titled “Why this longtime Republican may vote for Obama,” noting the Republican Party’s inability to catch Osama bin Laden after seven years of war, he said, “All of this drives me bat-shit, and it just might drive me into the Obama camp. That’d be quite a change from what we usually do.” Following Bill Clinton’s victory over George H.W. Bush in the presidential election in 1992, Smerconish’s time serving in the Department of Housing and Urban Development ended. In 1993, Smerconish began a decade of practicing law with the famed trial attorney James E. Beasley, who would become the benefactor and eponym of the Temple University Beasley School of Law. Smerconish’s time spent with Beasley would eventually lead to the establishment the Beasley School of Law at Temple University.

During his time at HUD, Smerconish requested Beasley’s legal opinion regarding a potential defamation action against Steve Lopez, who was working as a journalist for The Philadelphia Inquirer. This is how Smerconish first became acquainted with Beasley. Beasley became famous for his unprecedented success in defamation cases against the newspaper. Smerconish specialized in challenging cases involving sophisticated tort litigation over their ten years of close collaboration with Beasley. When Smerconish attended a legal seminar in 2015 that the Pennsylvania Bar Institute hosted, he was asked to write an essay summarizing some of the things he had learned while working for Beasley.

The scope of Smerconish’s legal work included matters about product liability, medical malpractice, and contracts, amongst other areas of law. His clients included the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police, the City of Rome, Italy, and Orlin Norris, a professional boxer who sued promoter Don King through Smerconish for a shot at the heavyweight title. All of these cases were brought against the Barnes Foundation. Smerconish was victorious in her lawsuit against abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell, which was filed under the theory of medical malpractice. While actively practicing law, Smerconish was a member of the Board of Directors of The Philadelphia Trial Lawyer’s Association.

He served for one term. At the Philadelphia law firm Kline & Specter, Smerconish’s license to practice law is proudly displayed in the office today. His unique political experiences at a young age served as the foundation for his work in the media. Smerconish made his first radio appearance in the spring of 1990 as a guest of Brian Tierney, who served as a substitute presenter on Philadelphia talk station 96.5 FM WWDB. This was Smerconish’s first radio performance. As a political analyst for WWDB during the mayoral election in Philadelphia in 1991, Smerconish was an active participant. Afterward, he went from being a visitor to acting as a guest host.

In 1993, he launched his own program that aired on Sunday evenings from 8:00 p.m. until midnight. During this time, he continued to work as a lawyer during the day. Smerconish relocated to Saturday and Sunday mornings in 1996, a year after the passing of longtime broadcaster Dominic Quinn. This change allowed him to serve as the lead-in for Sid Mark’s Sunday with Sinatra, broadcast on Sundays. After that, broadcast entrepreneurs Chuck and Susan Schwartz sold WWDB, and the new owner started selling infomercials disguised as programming. Smerconish refused to honor the contract with the new owner.

This ultimately led to his relocation to the CBS affiliate WPHT in 1997. The following year, he was promoted to drive time in the afternoon while continuing his legal career. Only in September 2003, with the dismissal of Don Imus, whose morning drive slot Smerconish took over, did Smerconish go from being a lawyer who was a talk show presenter to being a talk show host who was also a lawyer. Previously, he had been a talk show host and lawyer.

He has advocated for the Republican Party to embrace “moderation on social issues to advance a suburban agenda for the GOP.” In an opinion piece that Smerconish penned for The Washington Post in 2010 and titled “On cable TV and talk radio, a push toward polarization,” he stated that “Buying gas or groceries or attending back-to-school nights, speak to people for whom the issues are a mixed bag; they are liberal on some, conservative on others, and middle of the road on the rest.” On the other hand, politicians do not take their cues from the general public. However, politicians tend to model their behavior after that of pundits.

On February 21, 2010, he declared in a newspaper column that he had left the Republican Party. Manuel Roig-Franzia of The Washington Post stated the following in response to Smerconish’s decision to move closer to the center of the debate: “It may be conventional wisdom that the only way to prosper in the realm of discussion fully is to inhabit one of the poles. But Smerconish is staking his career that there’s a great untapped center.” During the presidential election in the United States 2016, Smerconish did not cast a ballot for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Smerconish established the Lehigh University Youth for Reagan/Bush organization in 1980. He attempted to run for the Pennsylvania state legislature. At the same time, he was a full-time student at the University of Pennsylvania Law School but was defeated in the Republican Primary by a margin of 419 votes. After suffering a defeat in the primary election, Smerconish completed his studies at Penn Law while also pursuing political campaigns virtually full-time. In 1986, he was responsible for the City of Philadelphia in Senator Arlen Specter’s re-election success. In 1987, Smerconish worked as Rizzo’s Political Director in Rizzo’s losing quest to re-take City Hall.

After graduating from Penn Law, he opened up a title insurance agency with his brother Wally before being appointed, at age 29, by the administration of President George H.W. Bush to serve as the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Regional Administrator for Philadelphia Region III under Secretary Jack Kemp.

Autograph Request Address of Michael Smerconish

Requesting a signature from Michael Smerconish is becoming one of the most popular choices for fans who are hectic and locked in their daily normal routines. If you want Michael Smerconish’s signature, you may write him an autograph request letter and mail it to his office address.

Autograph Request Address:

If you anticipate a speedy answer, include a self-addressed, sealed envelope. Include a photo of Michael Smerconish in your autograph request letter if you want a signature on his photo. A response from a celebrity’s office usually takes a couple of weeks, so be patient.

Michael Smerconish Profile-

  1. Full Name– Michael Smerconish
  2. Birth Sign- Pisces
  3. Date of Birth– 15 March 1962 
  4. State and Country of Birth– Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States
  5. Age – 61 years
  6. Parents– Father: Walter Smerconish, Mother: Florence Smerconish
  7. Cousins– NA
  8. Height– 5 feet 9 inches
  9. Occupation– Host

Michael Smerconish Phone Number, Email, Contact Information, House Address, and Social Profiles:

Ways to Contact Michael Smerconish:

1. Facebook Page:

Michael Smerconish has a Facebook account where he publishes his pictures and videos. The above-mentioned URL will take you to his profile. It has been verified, and we can certify that it is a 100% accurate profile of Michael Smerconish. You may contact him on Fb, which you can find by clicking the link here.

2. YouTube Channel:

Michael Smerconish has his own channel on youtube, where he uploaded his videos for his followers to watch. He has also earned a million subscribers and thousands of views. Anyone interested in seeing his uploads and videos may utilize the account URL provided above.

3. Instagram Profile:

Michael Smerconish even has an Instagram account, in which he has over a thousand followers and gets over 100k likes per posting. If you would like to view his most recent Instagram pics, click on the link above.

4. Twitter:

As of yet, Michael Smerconish has gained a large number of followers on his Twitter account. Click on the link above if you’re willing to tweet it. The link above is the only way to contact him on Twitter.

5. Phone number: 855-486-1776

Michael Smerconish’s many phone numbers have been released on Google and the internet, but none of them truly function. However, we’ll let you know as soon as we’ve located an exact number.

6. Fan Mail Address:

Michael Smerconish
United States

7. Email id: NA

8. Website URL: NA

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